Bucharest is a large and dynamic city, in continuous movement and expansion. The pace of life is alert and being connected and informed represents the great advantage. If you need accommodation for your team of relocated employees or you are just passing through the capital, we recommend you to play safe and choose Komitat.
Komitat is a group of  buildings constructed at high standards, intended to host in any given period the relocated staff and other persons passing through Bucharest and in need for comfortable accommodation, tailored to their personal needs.


We redefine the standards concerning accommodation and the temporary staff relocated to Bucharest.
We offer increased comfort to the employees of companies in the field of civil or industrial engineering and to companies with a field of activity requiring prolonged accommodation.
The Komitat business is an innovation for Romania, as the accommodation with us satisfies a need on the market for which there is no solution. We have found it and it is a guaranteed gain for the companies and their staff.


We are professional and long-term partners and we constantly invest in equipment and services to enhance comfort.
We own efficient options for companies regarding the management of project costs, facilitating coordination and communication, control, the productive organisation and allocation of time.
We customise the spaces according to the real needs of people and we make the cost of projects more efficient.


We respect the interests of employees and employers, having set an orientation towards the Customer and his needs. We are flexible, dynamic, and adaptable and we show respect for the profession and for the job well done. We believe in safety, increased comfort, respect towards the people and peace. We are aware that work is work, leisure is leisure and that people need their own place where they can gather strength for a new day